This blog is dedicated to exposing Islam as much more than a benign religion. Lost on much of the Western world is that Islam is an ideology instructing Muslims, not only in religious practice, but also in a political world view, which includes global conquest.

For educational purposes, I support written commentary with citations and display a collection of audio and video files from credible sources. An emphasis is placed on revealing the doctrines derived from Islamic primary sources (the Qur’an, Hadith, Sunna) and how they provide theological justification for treatment of non-Muslims with slavery, oppression, theft, murder, deception, militant conquest and subjugation.

Though Muhammad preached a message of reconciliation in the early years of Islam’s development, he began to lead military raids to conquer and subjugate relatively peaceful people groups. So significant was his first military campaign that the Islamic calendar coincides with that date. Since that time, roughly 1400 years ago, Islam has advanced largely by militant conquest, leading one historian to write, “Islam has bloody borders.”

We Americans must therefore resist the encroachment of sharia in our land. Informing our country-men about the current threat Islam is tantamount to resisting the Nazis in 1930’s Germany. This nation was founded on principles derived from the Bible and the result has been an exceptional nation evidenced in part by the USA setting a record in world history for becoming the world’s greatest economic an military power in addition to being the most generous nation on earth. We should not feel guilty for this exceptionalism, nor proud, as though we achieved such an influential status among other nations without the powerful hand of God. We should strive to promote and defend Biblical ideas, which dominated the thought of our Founding Fathers and guided the USA to its prominent position among other nations.

Do not be deceived. Islam is on the march within our borders. Jihad against our nation is taking the form of deception in nationally televised announcements, a push for public policy providing exceptional treatment for Muslims, a re-writing of history in textbooks expressing a peaceful Islamic advance, and increasingly since the first half of the 20th century, calls for extreme violence from imams, resulting in the current insurgency of radicalism and the slaughter of innocent Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.


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