Hamas Leader Will Not Recognize Israel

Liberals around the world have been duped by the propaganda spewing out of the Muslim world concerning the Palestinians.  The big ploy over the last few decades has been “land for peace.”  Israel has bowed to international pressure on several occasions, giving over land so that the Palestinians can rule themselves.  Each time Israel turned over land the Palestinians they were emboldened to continue to fight for the eradication of Israel.  The last disastrous land for peace deal ended up with Hamas taking control of Gaza.

When will the Western world study the doctrines of Islam and resist Islamists according to their rules?  Militant Muslims need not honor their agreements with the enemy. This principle was established in Muhammad’s first military campaign when he agreed to a peace treaty with Meccan leaders only to break it, attack the region, and subjugate the people.

In this video, Hamas Leader, Mahmoud Al-Zahhar,  says that the Hamas plan is to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaze with Jerusalem as its capital without recognizing Israel. WATCH THE VIDEO NOW.


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