Reform Fundamentalist Islam?

In his article, A Message to the Muslim World, Tawfik Hamid, a Muslim, advocates that Muslims should reform their religion to better fit modern times. In other words, he wants Islam to actually be like it is described in Introduction to Islam courses at Universities throughout the USA.

The glaring problem I see with trying to reform Islam is that doing so won’t change the tenants of the Qur’an, authoritative Hadith, the example of the prophet, nor the bloody history of Islam.

The effort to change Islam to the desired faith of many Muslims will fail.  This effort doesn’t remove man’s reasoning, which will again examine the doctrines from authoritative sources and the history of Islam’s advance. If the religion were ever reformed- a very unlikely proposition – then the eventual reality that a religion, reportedly `FROM GOD, CAN NOT BE TRANSFORMED TO FIT MAN’S DESIRE. People intuitively recognize that if you change what God gave, you no longer remain in God’s faith and have made up one of your own.

Fundamentalist (pristine) Islam will endure – though only a minority adhere to it – because it is true to the historic tenants of the faith.  Only the intellectually dishonest will try to change recorded history for popular consumption.


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