Constitution Assaulted by Sharia

Is it possible that a small group of Christians on a public street at a public event could be arrested, their video recording equipment confiscated, and then be put in jail for talking to Muslims about religion? “Sure, in Saudi Arabia” you say. Well, it has just happened right here in the USA!

Dearborn Michigan probably has the highest concentration of Muslims of any US city. As I have been warning, sharia is encroaching into America in a number of ways. It will get worse unless we become more educated to what Islam is all about and resist it in the public sphere.

This video shows the arrest of a few citizens at an Arab festival and continues with the arrested parties describing what happened.  Dearborn Police Enforce Sharia and Violate the US Constitution

Read a Worldnet Daily article about the incident and see a there is a third video of a similar incident taking place at last year’s festival.


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