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ACT! for America Becoming a Powerhouse

I write to share a bit of information from a recent ACT for America conference I attended in DC.
New Stats on ACT:

  • Over 105,000 members—a 33% increase in just the past 60 days.
  • Over 400 local chapters—a 28% increase since the start of the year.
  • Notable Victory:

    Last month the Texas Republican Party adopted a new plank in its platform, a plank spearheaded by one of our Dallas-area chapter leaders.

    The plank reads:

    Preservation of Republican Form of Government: “. . . We urge the Texas legislature and United States Congress to enact legislation prohibiting any jurisdiction from allowing any substitute or parallel system of law, specifically, but not limited to, Sharia law, to be recognized, which is not in accordance with the Constitution of Texas or of the United States of America.”

    ACT for America has received an invitation to air 26 half-hour programs on cable television, beaming into 40 million households.  A news and talk television program will help us to perhaps reach millions, of people we wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. This will mean:

  • More members.
  • More chapter leaders.
  • More victories and successes!
  • I will be forming a group to periodically meet in Harrisonburg to hear speakers on Islam and the related political threats we must resist.  Anyone interested in more information is invited to email me.


    Constitution Assaulted by Sharia

    Is it possible that a small group of Christians on a public street at a public event could be arrested, their video recording equipment confiscated, and then be put in jail for talking to Muslims about religion? “Sure, in Saudi Arabia” you say. Well, it has just happened right here in the USA!

    Dearborn Michigan probably has the highest concentration of Muslims of any US city. As I have been warning, sharia is encroaching into America in a number of ways. It will get worse unless we become more educated to what Islam is all about and resist it in the public sphere.

    This video shows the arrest of a few citizens at an Arab festival and continues with the arrested parties describing what happened.  Dearborn Police Enforce Sharia and Violate the US Constitution

    Read a Worldnet Daily article about the incident and see a there is a third video of a similar incident taking place at last year’s festival.

    Recruiting in Prisons

    Have a look at this CNN news report on Islamic recruitment in British prisons. The advance of Islam and radicalism in Europe is much greater than in the States. We need to learn from their mistakes. What is happening there is very likely to happen here as the population of Muslims per capita increases. A robust resistance will prevent America from having to deal with the problems Europe is facing right now, agreed?

    Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

    I’ve been spreading the word that:

    • Islamic doctrine, straight from authoritative texts, provides justification for terrorism and other forms of jihad.
    • many prominent Muslim individuals and groups publicly claim to stand for peace, yet secretly they provide support for jihadists, who commit acts of terrorism.
    • there is a movement inside the USA to impose sharia (Islamic law) on Americans.

    To see an example of why I and many others are raising our voices in opposition, watch the video below. You’ll see a scenario that is happening in Boston, in New York City, and throughout our country.  We are naively embracing wolves in sheep’s clothing – radical Muslims presenting themselves as lovers of peace and justice.

    Add you name to the other 44,000 signatures on the petition against the “Ground Zero Monster Mosque.