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A jihadist convert to Christianity might get kick out of the country.  The Department of Homeland Security couldn’t be more foolish on this one.  
Mosad Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas founder, became a Christian and spied for Israel for a decade before coming to the USA to seek asylum.  He’s credited with saving many Israelis from terrorist attacks.

So, why would the US government want to deport such a high value asset?  Read the World Net Daily article here.


Never Forget the Horor of 9/11

This video is difficult to watch – people jumping from the World Trade Center.  I don’t believe such horrible images should be sanitized.  The premeditated, evil acts of 9/11 must be remembered.  Top level government officials are still making foolish decisions related to the advance of Islam.  Some of the ONE BILLION MUSLIMS will do this for their god… and trust me, Al Quaeda is only one of the groups committed such barbarism.

An audio of Pamella Geller debating Michael Ghouse about the “monster mosque” plays in in the background.

USA's Top Cop Won't Blame Radical Islam For Terrorist Attacks

You will not believe just how far Eric Holder goes to avoid saying publicly that “radical Islam” had anything to do with recent domestic terrorist attacks.   

At least one of the following is true: either Holder is clueless about Islamic teachings,  Obama is directing his administration to never name Islam in the context of terrorism, or BOTH.

On the South Park Incident

Say “Hello” to Sharia

When a threatening message was posted on an Islamic web site, the prophet Muhammad suddenly was dropped from recent episodes of the animated comedy, South Park. The threatening message implied that the two co-creators of South Park would suffer the same fate as film maker, Theo Van Gogh, who was murdered in the streets of Amsterdam by an Islamic extremist. A note calling for holy war was pinned to his chest with a knife. Van Gogh had produced Submission, a film which criticized Islam, and thus violated Islamic law (Sharia). His murderer was obeying Islamic law by putting the ‘offender’ to death.

Few would blame the decision-makers for being afraid when history proves that critiquing Islam can get you killed. But they just sent the worst possible message to America’s enemies, “We will submit to Islamic laws when fear tactics are used against us.”

Unlike the rest of us, comedians are given license to offend. Yet even comedy can now be muzzled by a single threatening message. How much more so will other Americans submit to similar tactics? The USA is in full retreat mode before the slow and steady advance of Islam.

Say “Hello” to Sharia America. We have just open wide the door to more Islamic law. When it comes to Islam, we have sacrificed freedom of speech. Most Americans have no idea that Islamic Scripture prohibits any critique of Islam and much less that death is the penalty for doing so. Nevertheless, we have just embraced this Islamic tenant – “No public critique of Allah’s religion is allowed!”

I’m not sure what angers me most: that a segment of the Muslim population is strategically imposing its will on America, that Americans are willing to be coerced into submission, or that most Americans remain oblivious to the strategies that have advanced Islam for 1400 years. Many Americans still buy-in to the politically correct notion that we should double our efforts to appease Muslims. C’mon!  The Muslims who are making the most demands are committed to imposing Islam on America!

Major news networks, including FOX, will air stories about terrorism, but they have yet to expose the theological support for terrorist acts found throughout the primary sources of Islam – the Qur’an and Hadith. Can it be that our highly trained journalists have not investigated Islamic doctrine on the subject of “world conquest”, or have the networks made a calculated decision to avoid the threat of violent retribution for reporting the truth? Whether motivated by ignorance, fear, or both, the national media has been silent on the fact that Muhammad’s teaching and his example justify the use of military force in the struggle required of every faithful Muslim – to advance Islam around the globe.

This little known yet glaring reality must be told and understood by the American public. For this reason I joined ACTforAmerica and set up this blog to do my part in educating our nation.

Coercion through intimidation is an effective strategy of Islamists and so is the use of deception. It took me a while to understand and recognize the tactic of deception. The term in Arabic is “taquiya” and organizations like the Counsel on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are masters at it. Like other forms of jihad, deceiving the enemy is justified by Islamic scripture.

Thankfully, the Shenandoah Valley hasn’t experienced the problems that other parts of the States have. Let’s decide to prevent such problems so that we don’t have to reverse a trend.

Here’s some things we can do.

  1. Learn about the dark side of Islam and never be made to feel like you can’t critique the ideology. 
  2. Business owners, have “sensitivity to Muslims” training for your employees ONLY if truly problematic attitudes exist. 
  3. Public policy-makers, don’t make special provisions for Muslims like foot washing areas or prayer rooms.

Will it offend some Muslims that you take a stand? Sure. Some Muslims are trained to be offended at the slightest issue and tirelessly work to change public policy. So what they take offense? Would you rather offend the 99% of the local population that doesn’t receive special treatment? If you don’t have a backbone, grow one. It’s time to take a stand.