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Tolerant Dutch Starting to Push Back Against Islam

In an early post I reported on the political and legal backlash toward Geert Wilders from opponents in Europe for his bold pronouncements about the threat of Islam to Western nations.  The people in a heavily Muslims city in the Netherlands, however, support Wilder’s far-right position and have elected him to office, shocking many Muslims.

The Netherlands, known for tolerance and multiculturalism, has had its tolerance exploited by Islamists.  The people are recognizing the threat and are now pushing back against a religious/political movement by rallying behind Wilders. 

Excerpts from a recent Dutch article:

Muslims in a Dutch city where the party of anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders won local elections reacted with shock and anger Thursday, fearing his victory would fan animosity.
Some polls suggest the PVV [Wilder’s Party for Freedom] is now the most popular party in the Netherlands, traditionally seen as a bastion of tolerance.

Read the entire article here.


10 Year-Old Bride Would Rather Die Than…

     Meet Aisha – Married at 10 years of age.  

Now 12, she has been seeking a divorce for the last 2 years. How tragic that the prophet Muhammad’s example has been codified as law in many Islamic societies.  The ‘prophet’ was 52 years old when he took a 6 year old little girl to be his bride.  According to authoritative Hadith, Muhammad starting having sex with her when she was only nine.

Read Aisha’s Story.   She just wants to be a kid and not get raped by her old husband, or killed by her father for refusing to have sex.