What is Radicalizing Muslims?

Have you noticed that news reports about terrorists will often include the descriptive word “radicalized,” but rarely explain what is radicalizing the terrorists? The Fort Hood Shooter and the Underwear Bomber were said to have been radicalized. Reports went so far as to mention the people who influenced them and the signs suggesting that the Muslim terrorists had become radicalized, but not a word was said about the source of the violent ideas.

What is radicalizing Muslims? Many Westerners are shocked to discover that violent jihad is a major theme in Islam’s holy books. The Qur’an and Hadith – the primary authoritative sources of Islamic doctrine – are the sources of the ideas that radicalize Muslims. These ideas are summarized in pamphlets and videos then distributed to Mosques throughout the world.

In a recent interview by Front Page Magazine, Dave Gaubatz, co-author of the blockbuster book Muslim Mafia, explains:
“Islam is a religion of Jihad, in peace and in war. Jihad is one of the noblest principles of Islam.” The manual where this message is found is titled, “A Guide for The Young Muslim.” The manual further describes Jihad as being physical fighting against their enemies and oppressors. It is admired to be a “martyr.” This book was found in northern VA.

The entire interview with Dave Gaubatz can be read at this link: Islam’s Child Martyrs in America
By Jamie Glazov On February 9, 2010 @ 12:13 am In FrontPage

A primary goal of ACT! for America is, over time, to persuade enough policy makers and elected officials, at all levels, that our national security strategy must include action that addresses the ideological “call to jihad.”


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