Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls for Death of Jews

MEMRI provides a recording of the Secretary-General of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood,  Hamza Mansour, calling for the death of Jews.  “The Role of the Jordanians Is One of Blood and Martyrdom… The Time for Us to Play Our Role Is Drawing Near”  Watch the video here

MEMRI Reports on Blasphemy Laws and Deaths

Special Dispatch No. 3159—Urdu-Pashtu Media Project

Human Rights Campaigner I. A. Rehman Examines Pakistan’s Controversial Blasphemy Law and Its Misuse Against Christians, Other Minorities

On July 19, 2010, two Christians, pastor Rashid Emmanuel and his brother Sajjad, were shot dead on the premises of a court in Pakistan’s Faisalabad city. The two had been accused of distributing blasphemous materials; a case had been filed against them under Section 295-C of the Pakistani Penal Code (PPP) for distributing handwritten pamphlets that contained blasphemous materials.

According to the report, the pamphlets carried two cellphone numbers which led to the brothers’ arrest, following a complaint lodged by one Khurram, who is believed to be member of the little known Tehreek-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool (Movement for the Prophet’s Dignity).

In another case, a 60-year-old woman, Zaibun Nisa or Zainab Bibi, spent 14 years in a Pakistani prison for an alleged act of blasphemy against the Holy Koran, though no court trial took place and no police case was filed against her. The Lahore High Court, which ordered her release after no evidence was found against her, expressed dismay over her long detention “without any trial.” The woman was also found to be mentally unstable.

The cases cited above have caused fresh concerns over Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws. One of them, Section 295-C, carries the death penalty.

In most blasphemy cases, Pakistan’s trial courts in Pakistan cannot deliver impartial judgments because of threats from armed religious groups, and sometimes even from vigilante policemen, who take it upon themselves to implement their own form of instant justice against the accused. The blasphemy laws have also attracted international attention, especially for their misuse against minority communities in Pakistan such as Christians, Hindus and Ahmadi Muslims.

Several human rights campaigners and members of minority communities have demanded changes in these laws. However, no Pakistani minister wants to risk his life by introducing such legislation.

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Opposition to Mosques Across Country

Across Nation, Mosque Projects Meet Opposition
By LAURIE GOODSTEIN,  NY Times, Published: August 7, 2010

While a high-profile battle rages over a mosque near ground zero in Manhattan, heated confrontations have also broken out in communities across the country where mosques are proposed for far less hallowed locations.

In Murfreesboro, Tenn., arguments broke out over a planned Muslim center.

In Murfreesboro, Tenn., Republican candidates have denounced plans for a large Muslim center proposed near a subdivision, and hundreds of protesters have turned out for a march and a county meeting.

In late June, in Temecula, Calif., members of a local Tea Party group took dogs and picket signs to Friday prayers at a mosque that is seeking to build a new worship center on a vacant lot nearby.

In Sheboygan, Wis., a few Christian ministers led a noisy fight against a Muslim group that sought permission to open a mosque in a former health food store bought by a Muslim doctor.

At one time, neighbors who did not want mosques in their backyards said their concerns were over traffic, parking and noise — the same reasons they might object to a church or a synagogue. But now the gloves are off.

In all of the recent conflicts, opponents have said their problem is Islam itself. They quote passages from the Koran and argue that even the most Americanized Muslim secretly wants to replace the Constitution with Islamic Shariah law.

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CAIR Slams ACT! and Founder Gabriel

A recent article by Adam Savit reports on CAIR’s slanderous remarks about ACT! for America.  The organization calls ACT! an “anti-Islam hate group” and its founder, BrigitteGabriel, “an extremist anti-Islam speaker.”  CAIR’s National Communications Director, Ibrahim Hooper, stated,

“Now is the time for Tea Party leaders to clearly demonstrate that their movement will not allow itself to be associated with bigotry of any kind, including Islamophobia.” Hooper appears to want to censor any critics of Islamic Shariah law, such as ACT! Director Gabriel.

The article continues:

Even stronger attempts to silence Shariah critics came from CAIR-Los Angeles Executive Director Hussam Ayloush just last week, in the context of a dispute over how California school textbooks should portray Islam.  He said,“Involving ACT! for America in educational material on Islam is akin to allowing the KKK to educate American students on the history of African Americans or Judaism.” Ayloush went on to tell the Orange County Weekly, “ACT! for America represents a small, but vocal, minority of extremists promoting anti-Muslim bigotry and religious disharmony around the country.”

Are The Arabs Suffering In Gaza?

Egyptian Journalist: In Actual Terms, Gaza Is Not Under Siege

Resort in Gaza., July 21, 2010

In an article in the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram on the economic situation in the Gaza Strip, journalist Ashraf Abu Al-Houl wrote about the burgeoning recreation industry and of the low merchandise prices.

Also as part of the interest in the economic situation in Gaza, the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida published articles describing the expensive resorts that have been established for Gaza’s newly rich, and a Palestinian website reported on the new mall recently opened in the city.

The following are excerpts from the articles:

To view the MEMRI Guide to the Middle East’s page about the Flotilla, visit

Stores Overflow with Goods

Journalist Ashraf Abu Al-Houl wrote in Al-Ahram: “I was last in Gaza in mid-February. Returning three weeks ago, I found it almost unrecognizable… and the greatest surprise was the nature of that change. I would have expected a change for the worse, considering the blockade – but the opposite was th

via Egyptian Journalist: In Actual Terms, Gaza Is Not Under Siege.

Religious Freedom, or Religious Treason?

If you watch the news, you’ve no doubt heard about the raging controversy over the proposed thirteen-story Islamic cultural center and mosque, which if constructed will tower over ground zero. You haven’t heard this perspective.

Mayor Bloomberg claims that to prohibit the building of that Mosque is to sacrifice our cherished Constitutional freedoms – namely Freedom of Religion. I say by prohibiting the building of that Mosque, we are protecting our Constitution – especially Freedom of Religion.

At the height of the cold war, would America have allowed experts in Communism erect a world-class training center for Communist operatives a couple of blocks from the White House? And why not? TREASON.

The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason in part to consist of “… adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort.[1]

If Islam was limited to our conception of religious practices like prayer and encouraging good behavior, Freedom of Religion would apply to Islam and there would be no objection to the proposed Manhattan Mosque. Unfortunately, prayer and morality describe only a part of Islam. There is a very strong political component to Islam, the doctrines of which amount to treason.

Syrian native, Dr. Wafa Sultan, migrated to the US and later became an outspoken critic of Islam. Sultan stated in a public debate, “I don’t believe Islam should be treated as religion.” She explained, “Muslims look to live under Sharia, not under the American Constitution…Trust me… I was very involved with the Muslim community in my first ten years here in the United States. I heard a million times that we are here to eventually replace American constitution with Islamic Sharia.”[2]

Imam Fiesel Abdul Rauf, the leading force behind the Manhattan Mosque, has defended his project as being a place where mutual understanding and respect can develop between Muslims and members of other faiths. Anyone knowledgeable of Sharia will recognize this lie. All four schools of Sunni Islamic law and the main schools of Shia Islamic law agree that a male former Muslim (apostate) should be executed.”[3] How can a Muslim ever find understanding and respect for a Christian when becoming one makes him deserving of the death penalty?

Interestingly, the ‘upstanding’ Imam Rauf has refused to sign a pledge issued over nine months ago repudiating authoritative Sharia on the required killing of X-Muslims.[4]Neither would he condemn Hamas.[5]

Typical of Muslim leaders in non-Muslim countries, Imam Rauf exercises a form of jihad called “taqiyya” (lying to deceive the enemy) when speaking to an American audience. Speaking in Arabic to a Muslim audience, Rauf said recently, “… an Islamic state can be established in more than a single form…a kingdom or a democracy. The important issue is to establish the general principles of Sharia that are required to govern.” He continued, “Current governments are unjust and do not follow Islamic laws.”[6]

The accusation of treason expressed in this piece is understandably hard to swallow. I ask skeptics to consider the honor killings, the execution of Dutch film-maker, Theo Van Gogh, the attacks of 9/11, and that terrorist acts committed by Muslims since 9/11 has topped 15,800. We cannot relate to Islamic ideology, but we must become educated. I could fill an entire page of this news paper with theological justification for treasonous behavior from authoritative Islamic sources and examples from Islamic history. Interested readers can peruse my blog at

Americans understand the evil of violent jihad – terrorism. We are still blind to other forms of jihad, which some have called, “stealth jihad” or “creeping sharia.” Stealth jihad is not fought with militant methods, using guns and bombs to cause terror among the enemy. Methods used by these Islamists include: infiltration of government, political activism, threatening law suits, public demands for special treatment, providing revisionist Islamic history for textbooks, the televised lies of self-proclaimed moderate Muslims, and so on. The ultimate goal of stealth jihadists is the same as the terrorists – the overthrow of the American Constitution. It’s treason.

We must wise up, get fed up, and then stand up against the advance of political Islam. Allowing the Manhattan Mega Mosque to tower over the sacred Ground Zero is to unleash the hellish cry over our great nation, “ALLUHA AKBAR!

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